Conference rates


Payment methods

You can pay by Paypal or by bank transfer.

      • If you choose Paypal, please, select your fee type from the list, click the button “Buy now”, then fill in the registration form and press “Send”

      With paper

      Without paper

  • If you choose to do a bank transfer, fill in the registration form, press “Send” and then you must send a copy of your bank transfer to
    Important: Please, write your name, surname and “Oviedo 2018” as the reference in the bank transfer

Data for Bank Transfer

Currency: Euro
Name of account holder: Sociedad Iberica de Etnomusicologia
Address: La Caixa, oficina 0963, Carrer del Carme 44, 08001 Barcelona
IBAN (electronic format) ES1321000963620200049388
IBAN (paper format): IBAN ES13 2100 0963 6202 0004 9388