“Popular Music: Practices, scenes and scenarios”

XV Conference of the Spanish Society of Ethnomusicology (SIBE)
X Conference of IASPM-Spain
II Conference of ICTM-Spain

Place: Historical Building of the the University of Oviedo (Calle San Francisco, 1, 33003 Oviedo, Asturias)
Dates: from November 29th to December 1st 2018.

Popular and traditional music are vivid cultural practices with a great potential for communication and the ability to gather people in activities of various kinds. This conference focuses on music as practice, paying special attention to the political character of musical practices as expressions that contribute to articulate identities. Our aim is to approach the contexts in which these practices are developed considering the scenes as spaces (physical or virtual) where the meaning of music is negotiated and the scenarios as performative domains for musical practices.

Conference main topics

  • Music scenes: structure and organization, subcultures, genres and case studies.
  • Music, place and space: representations, scenarios, performative and listening experiences. Soundscapes.
  • Music and identities: practices, ideologies, policies and processes of identity articulation. Feminism and studies on gender, race, ethnicity, nation, age, etc.
  • Musical traditions: orality, revival, management of heritage and archives.
  • Scenes in movement: musical tourism, festivals and glocal scenes.
  • Technology and popular music: creation, registration, circulation and consumption.
  • Music and communication: mediation practices, audio-visual media, musical phenomena on the internet.

We welcome different proposals for participation: individual papers, panels, posters and audiovisual presentations

  • Proposals should include title, format (paper, panel, poster…), author/s, affiliation (university or research institution), contact details (e-mail address) and an abstract of approximately 300 words.
  • Panel proposals should include three or four related presentations. The chair of the panel will send a single proposal including the title of the panel and an abstract of approximately 500 words. These proposals should also include the name and affiliation of the participants and the title of each paper in the panel.
  • The deadline to send proposals is June 18th, 2018. Abstracts should be sent to the following e-mail address: sibe2018@espora.es 
    Extended deadline: June 30th
  • Proposals may be delivered in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
  •  Acceptance / rejection of the proposals will be informed by September 15th 2018.